Thursday, May 10, 2012

They shoot horses, don't they? (1969)

Gloria is a depressed woman who enters a dance competition as it is her last hope to gain some money and survive. Hopeless as she is, she will do her best to win. But luck in not by her side. Her partner can't take part finally. Hopefully for her there is a young man, Robert, who moves around Hollywood and tries to start a career. They both don't know that there is nothing for them at this fake event. The only thing they can have is humiliation, fatigue, hunger and desperation. The only winner is the show and its coordinator, Rocky. He has to defend the right procedure of this dance marathon. The members are just puppets for him, ready to help him survive. There are also some other interesting characters as the Sailor, an older man who tries to show his talent. And Ruby, a pregnant woman who with her husband will sacrifice anything for the big prize. The social crisis, the hunger for fame and a better place under the sun will drive all these 'Wonderful' people to do their best at any cost. One of the best films I have ever seen. Sydney Pollack directed an amazing film about hope, dreams and depression. Jane Fonda was extraordinary as Gloria too.

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