Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The company of wolves (1984)

What does Rosaleen dream tonight? A psychological journey through symbolism and a fearful nightmare maybe. Where are the limits between reality and fantasy? Rosaleen lives in a small village near the woods and loves her grandmother so much. Her granny uses to tells her fairy tales about mysterious creatures who disappear and change into humans. A group of wolves is responsible for the death of Rosaleen's older sister. A young boy is in love with her but her mind is somewhere else. Lost in myths, she tries to understand the meaning of life of death. When she meets the handsome Huntsman, she is playing a game of survival and tries to survive from the curse that transforms him a vicious wolf. Close to the story of Little Red Ridinghood, this amorous tale delivers the lust, the fear and the innocence of a teenager that grows up. Expect a beautiful old fashioned fantasy film with an exciting cast and dreamy direction.

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