Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad ass (2012)

Frank Vega is a Vietnam veteran who lives in the streets. His hopes for a better life never became true and he had always to deal with misery and loneliness. But he never let it to put him down. Especially now that he is a middle aged man, who tries the best for himself and his people. One day he fights against two skinheads who are looking for trouble during a bus route. After this incident, he becomes a local hero and people think he has to offer more at society. When his mother dies, he invites his best friend Klondike, who saved his life at the war, to live together. But Klondike has a secret that will kill him and now Vega has to find out the reasons. The responsible for that is the Mayor and Black Panther's gang who have a plan to reconstruct the area Frank lives. So Vega is ready for action once more. And when Danny Trejo plays the main character, you know what action means. Cool film, not for the thinkers, just for an easy afternoon full of fun and action.

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