Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boca do Lixo (2010)

This is an interesting crime film about the life and actions of Hiroito, a local king of Boca de Lixo, based at the city of Sao Paulo during the fifties. Hiroito was the beloved son of a wealthy family that had philosophical views about being a gangster. His bigger loves were women and alcohol. Raised in downtown where crime was rising, he was ready to live as an outlaw. Soon he had built his own kingdom where you could find everything, from drugs and guns until bars and prostitution. At the age of 21 he was accused for murdering his father but he was never being charged. With his partners, Nelsihno, Osmar and Silvia they fought against Nair, an opponent drug lord. But even Osmar who was Hiroito's best friend betrayed him. And Honorio, a corrupted chief of police, can't help him all the time. Such a good film with satisfying interpretations and an exciting view through the life of Hiroito, 'Scarface' of Brazil.

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