Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Never let me go (2010)

What is the secret kept at the Hailsham, a country boarding school for the children who being raised there? Three pupils and friends, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy live there happily, following the orders and growing up normally. It seems an ordinary life but it's not. These kids and many more are being born for one purpose. As clones they will know the haunting reality that awaits them. Kathy was in love with Tommy for years but she never revealed her feelings to him. Ruth finally had a relationship with him that kept a long period and made Kathy sad about it because she lived under pressure, having just the role of a good friend towards the couple. But soon time to face the truth comes and they will try to live, love and enjoy life more than their appropriate life expectancy. A moving sci fi drama, a totally different point of view about love between replicas and a lyrical film about acceptance of fate and loss. Just marvelous.

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