Friday, January 7, 2011

Auf der anderen seite aka The edge of heaven (2007)

Human relationships and fate are again the main subject in this superb film from the half German half Turkish director Fatih Akin.
Nejat is an educated German language teacher who doesn't want any relationship with his father when the last accidentally kills a prostitute, Yeter after inviting her to live together.
After Yeter's death Nejat feels responsible for the accident and is looking to find her daughter Ayten to help her studying.
But he doesn't know that Ayten is a political activist fighting for the human rights and better life of Kurdish society.
So when he travels to Instabul to seek for her, she will be already in Germany as she was fled by the Turkish police.
There she will meet Lotte and they finally be together and stay at Lotte's house but Lotte's conservative mother Susanne will not accept Nejat as she always be aggressive.
Then after a chase with the cops, she will be arrested again and deported back to Turkey.
So Lotte will follow her in Turkey and try to free her. But another tragic incident is going to happen and connect the lives of Suzanne, Ayten and Nejat.
A great plot with excellent soundtrack and emotional direction. 
Now I understand why Fatih Akin is my favorite Turkish director!

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