Friday, January 21, 2011

Üç maymun aka Three monkeys (2008)

This film is a great achievement for the Turkish Nuri Bilge Ceylan who won the best prize in Cannes festival in 2008 as the best director.
His great film is about a poor family and their broken relationship.
Eyüp is working as a driver for the politician Servet, his wife Hacer as an assistant at a restaurant and their son Ismail spending his days doing nothing. 
When Servet will hit an innocent at a car accident, he will pay Eyüp to take his place as the immolator. But is this the only cost that Eyüp has to pay? 
When Hacer will ask for more money to Servet in order to buy a car for Ismail, she will find her self in love with him and the passion will burn her soul. 
When Ismail find out the truth about his mother's secret relationship, he will be in a difficult position. And their lives will change for ever after Eyüp will be free again.
Amazing photography, strong acting and emotional writing are the tools that the famous Turkish director has used and completed this extraordinary film!

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