Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fri os fra det onde aka Deliver us from evil (2009)

Another great film from Denmark. Although it has some similarities with Sam Peckinpah's ''Straw dogs'' and John Carpenter's ''Assault on precinct 13'' it's different on the storytelling as a report in different social groups and the impact in ordinary people.
Johannes and Pernille live with their two children in a small town where time passes peacefully. Lars, Johannes brother is a truck driver and he is messing his life drinking with friends and beating his girlfriend.
He is jealous about his brother's happiness. One day he will be in trouble when he will be the main suspect of a car accident. The victim is Ingvar's wife, a former military man who is suspicious of everyone.
So Lars will trap an immigrant who survived Yugoslavia's war as the responsible for the accident.
Soon the situations will be effective to everyone's life and a game of death will start!

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