Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bicycleran aka The Cyclist (1987)

This is a masterpiece directed from Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.
It describes the odyssey of an Afghan immigrant living in Iran, Nasim.
His wife is very ill and he needs a fortune for her care.
So when a close friend connects him with a promoter who wants to earn money from Nasim's situation, the second one offers him job as a cyclist to his circus.
But is it a real circus or an attempt to deceive him?
The promoter is just another trickster who wants to gain from Nasim's tragic incident.
Nashim will have to cycle for a whole week without stop to collect the money for his wife treatment.
In the meaning time various people will start to come and see his spectacular show. Among them there will be gangs who will bet on him and some of them will try to sabotage him. Can he complete this amazing try or he won't finish the week?
The cycling exhibition at times resembles a passion play where Nasim is continually crucified but will he understand the difference between triumph or illusion at the end?

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