Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Burning Moon (1992)

The Burning Moon is one of the bloodiest movies ever.
What do you want for the menu?
Rapes, decapitations, killings, stabbings, head explosions.
As gore as you can take without throwing out your dinner.
Directing and acting are awful but the soundtrack is just fine.
Olaf Ittenbach is an ultra gore director and knows the tips for a good splatter movie. He is also the protagonist, playing a guy who is addicted to drugs and fights around with his friends. He has a lot of problems in the house and when his parents leave him with his younger sister, he will fright her telling two disturbingly morbid stories.
The first one could be the ideal love story but the man is a psycho killer who escaped from a clinic and starts killing everyone who meets. He falls in love with a woman but when she finds out who he really is, she is leaving him. But he will follow her at her house and the bloodbath will begin. At the second story we will find a satanic priest who rapes and kills various women at the small town he lives. A lot of people think that another guy is responsible for the massacre and soon they will pay someone to kill him. In the middle time the priest committed suicide but he will help the innocent man to rise from the dead and take revenge on his murderer. A cult film for viewers with guts!

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