Saturday, January 22, 2011

La noche del terror ciego aka Tombs of the blind dead (1971)

This is a great and hard to find horror film from the early 70s.
It is much better than a lot of slashers and zombie movies that released the latter half of the 70's and the entire 80's.
Betty and Virginia used to be class and roommates as students of the college.
When they meet up again in Lisbon after some years they will organize a trip into the Portuguese's inland.
But Betty likes Roger, Virginia's closest friend so the last one is jealous and will leave off the train and stay the night at an abandoned monastery located in Berzano. People don't like to speak for this place because they think it is haunted by the Templars, a legion of evil knights who lived there back in the 13th century.
They quested for eternal life by drinking human blood and committing sacrifices.
Now is the time to wake up back from the dead and seek for new victims!


  1. It's a masterpiece! My favorite movie is the first sequel, which takes the concept and makes it even better!

  2. yes indeed my friend...I like it so much!!