Friday, January 28, 2011

Kumonosu-jô aka Throne of blood (1957)

Two co-fighters, Washizu and Miki, are samurais under the service of the same lord. As they return to their base after a victory into a battle, they will loose their destination while crossing the Cobweb forest and they will meet a ghost spirit who will tell them about their future.
They won't believe it but after all the future is already written.
So Shogun's favorite samurai, Washizu starts to be more ambitious and paranoid following his wife advices. The betrayal starts when he kills his master and then is being after his best friend Miki. After Miki's death, he raves into the castle and he will find that his sins are changing his fate. A dark fate which reminds us that the one who thinks only about himself, stands alone in the end. This is an epic tale about games of mind, connecting destiny and brave achievements. One of the best films of international cinematography directed by Akira Kurosawa!

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