Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cemeterio del terror (1985)

When 3 couples of teenagers visit an abandoned house near a cemetery looking for fun, they will find out that their plans will lead them to death.
A terrible killer, Devlon have been lived there and when the boys found his black magic book, they stole his corpse and resurrected him without knowing his past.
So now they are hunted, facing their fate in the old house.
Soon another team of kids will visit the cemetery as they are looking for some adventure. But the dead will rise and the kids will run for their lives.
Dr. Cardan was a superstitious investigator of Devlon's past crimes so he knows what he is capable of. So he will return to the cemetery and try to help the children.
But what will be the cost? I really enjoyed it's end.
This cool horror film could be the Mexican Evil dead.


  1. Ah, another fan of this great and trashy movie! I never get tired of it!

  2. neither do I...I used to love this style of movies as a teenager...Golden era of VHS!