Monday, January 17, 2011

F (2010)

A teacher whose life is ruined and his relationship with his ex family is not good, starts being paranoid about a gang of kids who murder people in different schools and colleges.
Someday when he will be at class with his daughter, he will find out that his college is being attacked and will try to discover what happens.
But the killings will have been started and his race to survive and save his daughter will continue on the dark rooms of the building.
One by one, assistants, teachers, even cleaners will die.
Is he going to survive? But is all this for real or something else happens?
I liked this film even if lots didn't understand its purposes. But who cares? I think there are two kinds of viewers. The ones that want the end always to be happy or just clear and the others who want to think. I am in the second team so I don't care about what everyone thinks. This movie is well directing with suspense all over the place and the acting is also good. The atmosphere is realistic and the plot is fine. The gore is cool though. So just let your fantasy work after its end and don't listen to others bad opinions. It's cinema for thinkers!

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