Friday, January 28, 2011

La casa dalle finestre che ridono aka The house of the laughing windows (1976)

Pupi Avati is one of the masters of Giallo films.
After seeing this extraordinary film I realized that the best films are those that you have to create their end.
The suspense is everywhere as it was at 'Zeder', a Pupi's older film I saw lately. It is not bloody at all but the real terror comes from your thinking.
Stefano (again?) is the protagonist of this mysterious story. He is a paintings restorer who is being called by a dwarf mayor of a closed community. His job is to save an old fresco inside a reconstructed church. Its painter was Legnani, a crazy (or not?) painter who liked painting people on their last moments.
The atmosphere is weird and people begin to act more and more strangely. When Antonio, Stefano's friend is being murdered, the last one will try to discover the dark secret between the fresco painting and the community!

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