Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tres días aka Before the fall (2008)

Where is the salvation for a family when a meteorite is going to destroy planet Earth and a serial killer is after them?
Ale is the main character, a guy who doesn't care so much for his cousins and his relationship with his mother is not at the best point. With the arriving of the end of life, people panic and chaos rules upon earth. This will be the chance for Lucio, the maniac killer of town's several children to escape. He seeks for revenge because Ale's brother helped police years ago to arrest him. So he will find Ale's family and the manhunt will begin. But after all what is the meaning of saving life when everyone's gonna die? It is an excellent film by director Francisco J. Gutierrez and producer Antonio Banderas. I liked its photography and the real intense moments!

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