Monday, January 31, 2011

Zítra vstanu a oparím se cajem aka Tomorrow I'll wake up and scald myself with tea (1977)

This is one of the most clever and funny films ever made about time travel. A bunch of former nazis survive to the 90s as they use anti-aging medicine. They plan to change history of mankind by travelling back to the Second World Was and help Hitler. They will give him a nuclear bomb that they stole from a museum (does it really work actually?). They are collaborating with space pilot Karel but when the last one dies accidentally their plans are going to ruin.
All because of Karel's brother, John who is taking his place because he is in love with one of Karel's flirts. So funny situations begin when everything's going wrong back at Hitler's bunker in a period where Nazis were winning the war. Misunderstandings will give place to a humorous plot and John will try to escape from this death trap using the time travel spaceship. I can say this is an extraordinary obscure film from Czechoslovakia and director Jindrich Polák. Petr Koska is brilliant in his three roles: Jan Bures, Karel Bures and Jan pretending to be Karel. Well done!


  1. Totally agree with you, definitely one of the best time-travel films ever conceived and in my opinion, one of the best Czech films ever made (along with Saragossa Manuscript, Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders and Girl On A Broomstick)..its great that the Czech film account on YT has the option of English subtitles.

    Never come across your blog before and already the categories have me drooling!

    I just got a YT upgrade so I can post full films and I will be posting a lot of "communist" era Russian and Eastern European sci-fi, fantasy, horror and surreal films with English subtitles from that period so feel free to embed any that takes your fancy...account "jackamo23"

  2. Thx for your kind words...we can share links about our blogs too ;) have fun!