Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The world is Big and salvation lurks around the corner (2008)

This is the proposal of Bulgaria for the Academy awards of 2011.
A beautiful story about a young man who survives a crash accident.
But his parents die there and then he suffers from amnesia.
So his grandfather has to help him remember his family and his roots.
Together they rent a tandem (bicycle with two seats) and they start a journey from Germany to Bulgaria.
In changing places, time and transport, crossing half Europe, they play backgammon, the simplest, and yet the most complex of all games. 
That game leads Alex to the realizations of who he is, and that game is symbolic to the story. Destiny is the dice we hold in our own hands and life is a game on the edge between chance and skill.
Great acting, nice photography and a dramatic plot with emotional moments are the basic elements of this excellent film!

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