Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jianyu aka Reign of assassins (2010)

Another great action film from China. Su Chao-pin and John Woo have created a genre classic ten years after Lee Ang's masterpiece and it is a thrilling and poignant experience worthy of the best martial arts epics.
It is a story about Zeng Jing who was a member of an assassins elite force, better known as Black Stone. After killing the family of a minister in order to steal the corpse of a Buddhist monk, she splits up with her companions, Lei Bin, the Magician and Zhan Qing whose leader is the Wheel King.
She changes her face with a doctor's help and disappears for some years.
But the past will not leave her alone and soon the assassins will come back to find the corpse and kill her as well.
But this will not be her only problem to care about.
If you enjoyed the Wong-Fei-Hung films, iron monkey, crouching tiger hidden dragon, fist of legend, fong sai yuk then you should check this out.

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